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Humans have used flowers as symbols from a time that predates written language. Before we could remember with words, it is likely that we mourned the death of loved ones with the transient symbolism of flora, a memory for a memory.


Over time, the floral nostalgia evolved into symbolic mystery and legend which became embedded within fleur-de-lis use across many cultures and continents. 


Its graphic radiance has a peculiar and predictable symmetry. Its history is abundantly diverse, as are its many meanings. The fleur-de-lis, in its root form, connects us to our nascent selves. The fleur during the height of its use represented less noble ideas.

Told as emerging from the tears of Eve as she left Eden, to shown on the cloaks of kings and written within their many divine fables and even heralded emerging from any object the fleur-de-lis has followed mankind like a vitreous shadow, like the first mirror of an emotion. But where does it go from here?


Let's begin to rediscover the fleur, let's see what new stories she has to tell us. Join us as we begin to pen and capture a new narrative. Signup below for email updates as this project develops.



Fleur-de-lis Project


The Fleur-de-lis philanthropic project is a charity concept in development.


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