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As a child, I collected designer labels from the clothes my mother would buy me at Dillards. She had a special credit card reserved for keeping me "best dressed." We were a simple middle class family. I owe all I am to her. This project is dedicated to her. 


I grew up knowing very little about the world and the wonders it kept, they felt hidden from me. But in a strange way gravity pulled me towards certain things. My young inertia projected me towards spiritual things. Later in life I would prefer the word aesthetic.

At 15, to my amazement, I landed my first job in clothing retail at Gap, Inc. The people there taught me so much about being genuine. Everyone loved what they did. They took pride in being Gap, Inc. I've kept this with me.

The years followed, but I still remember the wall above my bed with its many layers of folded tags and abundant colorings covered in Hilfiger, Klein, Lauren, Boss, and so many more "signatures." Eventually, my collection got more and more exotic. Eventually, in a child's way, I chose Gianni as my designer crush. He was beyond the norm of design. As a child I never got to express this.

It wasn't until later in life, after a very mysterious encounter with a sign maker, that I realized who I truly was. I remember writing poetry for weeks in the most pious state of my life. Tears flowed for every reason and for no reason at all. "Ich bin ein artist," I wrote in January of 2010. I became me then. In that moment I accepted my internal paradox. I reopened my spiritual doorway and became enriched, again. Glazed with emotion, I continued. Sometimes I held on to the struggle of the sublime. Eventually, I gave up against it. In 2017 I published Infinity, I am from poetry I wrote in that moment. 

In early 2010, the fleur-de-lis was everywhere around me. Until this moment I had paid it little attention in life. I always thought it was tacky. But then, I hung fleurs all around me. To celebrate.


As I hung the fleurs all around me and the staff, my gut spoke to me strongly: "This symbol will be important." I had no idea. 

To date, I have designed thousands of products around the cultural heritage of the fleur de lis, and I'm still counting... Ad astra \ Ad summa.

"Join me in the great ideas and good works of the fleur-de-lis."



casual prophecy.

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