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We're creating a Museum of the Fleur-de-lis™ in New Orleans. How would you like to be a part of this monumental endeavor? The first 33 volunteers will be, forever, a part of the museum.

We need volunteers to help get the word out, we need volunteers to begin cataloging fleurs around New Orleans as part of an amazing virtual, geographical treasure hunt, we need qualified board members, we need early volunteer historians and academics, and to the volunteer that lands our krewe a meeting with Mrs. Benson (owner of the New Orleans Saints). We'll award, a $1000 stipend, donated by Roux Brands. 

To RSVP to our meeting October 13th at CC's Coffee House in the French Quarter, click here.

Casey Delmont Johnson, author of Fleur of the Nile: Remaking the Fleur-de-lis, recently gave a talk at the New Orleans Museum of Art on the African origins of the fleur-de-lis while the museum exhibited Nefertari. In that talk, Casey shared with the audience his concept project on founding a Museum of the Fleur-de-lis in New Orleans by 2027.


These inital flyers represent the first volunteer call so that The Fleur-de-lis Philanthropic Project can garnish public awareness and support for the museum cause. Our current goal is to get people willing to help us spread the word by any reasonable means they can. 


On Oct. 13 at 6PM Casey will meet with any prospective volunteers at CC’s in the French Quarter. To RSVP for the event visit 


One of the project’s main goals is to eventually reach out to the current owner of the Saints (Mrs. Benson). In order to begin a dialogue that could reel in her support of such an apropos Fleur-de-lis museum concept. 


The project is backed by Roux Brands, LLC., Casey’s import and wholesale brand which creates authentic Louisiana products for sale to shoppes and stores across the southeast. Roux Brands list of clients include The State of Louisiana, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Walt Disney Company and many more esteemed companies. To learn more about Casey or Roux Brands visit, or

Email or TXT 225-588-4505 with questions 

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