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The Mortal Fleur

The epitome of skeptics, a muse of the past. Bereft of symbolic meaning we seek out the first predecessor. 

A deep manneristic type, both dramatic and comical, Mortal Fleurs represent the strong skepticism and mystery found throughout fleur de lis history. Perpetually tied to bee keeper symbolism, these few people cherish fostering the hive of the many. In each time and place the fleur de lis took on unique meanings, but for the Mortal Fleurs only a subtle remnant of the symbol remains today that ties this iconography to its vague history. For lovers of Mardi Gras, this fleur de lis represents the last living version of the fleur. It survives only now within the Grand Courts and Krewes by remaining tied to the pomp and circumstance, which is regal cultural power.

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